A character/one-shot generator for KOBOLDS IN SPACE!
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A character/one-shot generator for Crash’s KOBOLDS IN SPACE! Requires Python 3.6+.

Invoke the script directly to generate a single kobold:

python3 koboldgen.py

There are flags you can type after the name of the script to get different effects.

The first three (-k, -n, and -c) can be used on their own, or you can add a number afterward to get the script to print that many kobolds:

python3 koboldgen.py -k - generate a kobold

python3 koboldgen.py -n - print out a kobold’s name and occupation, without a stat block

python3 koboldgen.py -c - print out a full campaign with 6 kobolds by default

The next three should not have a number after them:

python3 koboldgen.py -s - print out a ship name and description

python3 koboldgen.py -p - print out the premise of a campaign, including a ship name and description, without generating any kobolds

python3 koboldgen.py -h - print a help message

There are long versions of each of these that begin with two dashes (--kobolds, --names, --campaign, --ship, --params, and --help) if you prefer.

Finally, you can change the output from plain text to HTML with the --html flag. This can be used alongside any of the previous flags.

You can see the full campaign mode in action here!